W3 Me

Welcome to W3 Me.

W3Me is part of the Clady Computing group of websites. Clady Computing offer IT Support for small businesses around County Antrim and County Down in Northern Ireland.

The main purpose is to offer short URLs for other websites.

If you set up a website with a "freebee" provider (or even using the webspace that some broadband providers give to their users) the web address (URL) can often be quite long and complicated. With W3Me you can have a shorter address, in the form "W3Me.co.uk/[name]" which will display your webpage in a frame.

As an example see: W3Me.co.uk/clady

If you would like to use this facility then please email the w3Me webmaster at: webmaster@w3me.co.uk

We also run a number of websites covering Scottish Dancing, Boats, Charitys, Masonic bodies, Cars & Sports.

Some of our websites are: